My diverse background contributes to every table I make. I began woodworking as a boy in my father's basement workshop. After high school, I obtained a degree in mechanical engineering at Drexel University, then a master's in business at the University of Pennsylvania. During my education, I made sculpture on nights and weekends using clay and later welded steel. I also studied sculpture with Joseph House at the Graduate School of Fine Arts of the University of Pennsylvania and with Bernard Brenner, a noted sculptor in the Philadelphia, PA area.

After a dozen years of sculpture, I took up color photography as a fine art medium. Enjoying success, I later taught fine art color photography and composition for several semesters at a local municipal adult school program.

I created my first fine table in 2004. My background in woodworking, composition and engineering enabled me to create an attractive, durable table whose features and appearance remain attractive many years later. Widespread appreciation soon resulted in more commissions.

After eight years, I had the opportunity to make my first slab table - a table whose top consisted of a single plank of wood cut from a whole log. I found that a slab table provides unparalleled opportunity to exhibit the innate beauty of the entire tree, and I have specialized in slab tables ever since.

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