Creating a Table

I only make custom tables. "Custom" means that your table will be designed expressly for you based on your personal preferences. I do not offer a menu of existing designs for you to choose from. Your table will be unique.

Creating a custom live edge table begins well before you make any commitment. First, we discuss your preferences. How big do you want the table or many people do you want to seat? What shapes and features appeal to you? Where will the table be situated? How light or dark would you like the table? What kinds of wood do you like?

Based on your preferences, I suggest possible designs for you to consider. For a live-edge table, I search for slabs you might like and send you photos of each. We can use a variety woods such as walnut, cherry, sycamore, white oak, red oak, birch, ash and exotics as well. I also provide a price estimate.

There is no charge for the design process. Only after you have accepted the price are you committed in any way.

The table is then realized through careful woodwork and hand-finishing.

My goal is to create a live edge table that you will long-cherish for its beauty and function.

Beautiful Custom Tables Pennsylvania