• What does “custom designed" mean?

    Custom designed means that your table will be uniquely designed specifically for you. I don’t have a menu of stock designs. The design of your table is based on your needs, your tastes and your preferences. For example, how many people do you want to seat? What color wood do you like? Do you like straight or convoluted edges? What sort of base do you like?

  • How much input will I have about the design?

    A lot. That’s what “custom” means. We will discuss every aspect, including wood selection, base design, type of finish, etc.

  • What does “live edge” mean?

    A live edge board, called a "slab" consists of a plank cut lengthwise from a whole log. A slab consists of a full-width plank sliced along the length of a log. The outsides of logs can be regular or convoluted. Some slabs still have bark on the edges, some don’t.

  • How do I choose among various kinds of wood?

    The way to begin is by thinking of how light or dark colored you want your table, how prominent or dramatic you want the grain figuration, etc. Based on this input from you, I suggest kinds of wood that meet your preferences and show you photographs of examples of each kind. Between us, we decide what kind of wood is best.

  • Will I be able to decide which particular slab I want?

    Yes. By looking at photos of an assortment of slabs that meet your criteria, you choose the one you want. 

  • Can you give me a price for the table I want?

    Yes. The actual price of your table will depend on the the cost of the slab you choose, but I can give you an approximate price if you tell me the size of the table and the kind of wood you are considering.
    Please use the Contact Me page to send me the information.

  • Will I be able to find out how the project is progressing while you are making my table? 

    Yes. I let you know as each significant milestone is reached.

  • Can I come see the table as it’s being made?

    Yes, you are always welcome.

  • What kind of finish will my table have?

    I’ve found that satin polyurethane varnish is the most durable and water repellent finish which also reveals the beauty of the wood with least glare.

  • How will the table be sent to me?

    I ship tables in padded wooden crates via national trucking companies or Fedex Freight. The top and base are usually shipped in separate crates. I do the crating myself at no cost to my clients except for crating materials (2x4’s, plywood, etc.).

  • Will I need to hire somebody to assemble the table for me?

    Probably not. All you’ll need is a screwdriver -- preferably an electric drill with a screwdriver bit because that’s the quickest tool. Tables can be heavy, so you’ll probably need a couple of strong people to handle it.

  • How is shipping cost calculated?

    Shipping cost is based on distance and the size and weight of the crates. I can roughly estimate the cost before I make the table, but I can only find out the actual cost after the table is done and crated.

  • How long will it take you to make my table?

    Generally, about eight weeks. It takes about a week for a slab to be shipped to me once I buy it, then a few weeks to make the table, then a week or so to ship the table to you.